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All About ELMA

It was in 1997 when a handful of entrepreneurs from Electronic Manufacturing Industry of West Bengal joined hands together to form an association for the common cause of the development of the electronic industry and better service to the end users. The association is a democratic forum where there is an Executive Committee Members, which is elected every year, and they execute the programs of the association. There is a team of Office Bearers led by the President to carry on the day to day activities of the association.

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News & Events

25th Annual General Meeting was held on 24th June 2023 at The Senator Hotel. New Executive Committee members were elected.
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Activities of ELMA


ELMA participates and takes active part in various exhibitions on Electronics and Information Technology. The last exhibition where ELMA participated was COMAPASS 2003 that was held at Netaji Indore Stadium from January 24 – 27, 2003. ...more


A seminar was held at The Senator Hotel on 18th December 2015 at 6 PM
"Make In India" - concept, schemes and incentives from Govt. of India. By - Mr Jagat Shah. ...more


  • To encourage growth of electronics industries in the state of West Bengal
  • To assist and promote new entrepreneurs
  • To safeguard the interest of local manufacturing units from the odds and obstacles and other constraints and restrains
  • To organize seminar, lectures and conferences to develop understanding of the advantages and facilities of organized manufacturing and also to prepare the members to play legitimate role in their national, social and cultural life
  • To represent to the R&D organizations and industry for promotional and development activities in the industry
  • To affiliate with other organization(s) having similar and kindred objects
  • To strive and ameliorate the condition of its members and to safeguard their interest by negotiations with the Statutory authorities where help and assistance are of necessity.


Although the association has a long way to go, a considerable achievement could be reached because of the spontaneous and relentless efforts of the members whom the association salutes. It is the constant endeavour of the association to reach new heights. The following are some of the note-worthy achievements.

  • Negotiating with Govt. of West Bengal in reducing the State Sales Tax from 22% to 12% on the Electronics Manufactured goods.
  • Framing a legal Cell to protect the legal rights of the members.
  • Forming a Grievance Cell where the grievances of the members are redressed and the legitimate dues of the members are recovered from the respective body.
  • Overall instilling a feeling of fraternity among the fellow members which was hardly present where the electronic manufacturers in the state were scattered in their operation.
  • ELMA team is going to Dhaka, Bangladesh in Aug 2015 with Indian Chamber Of Commerce to participate in Electronics Hardware Exhibition so that ELMA members can consolidate export market in Bangladesh.
We cordially invite organizations with common interests to become members of ELMA. Any Manufacturer of Electronics Equipment and Electronic Accessories falling under the Small Scale Industries Category and whose organization is located in the state of West Bengal, is eligible to be a member of the association.
Student's Career

Any student ( Minimum XII Pass) studying Graduation or Post Graduation can become ELMA Member (after screening). Preference will be given to Engineering Student / Science Student.

What you gain by being Student member of our association

  • FREE ENTRY to our seminars
  • Interaction with our Members
  • Can visit Members Workshop for Training / Business opportunity (by appointment)
  • Collective representation to statutory authorities
  • Guidance for entrepreneurship or carrer
  • Participation in the exhibitions and website for promotion of product range
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