All Bengal Electronics & Accessories Manufacturer's Association

Although the association has a long way to go, a considerable achievement could be reached because of the spontaneous and relentless efforts of the members whom the association salutes. It is the constant endeavour of the association to reach new heights. The following are some of the note-worthy achievements.

  • Negotiating with Govt. of West Bengal in reducing the State Sales Tax from 22% to 12% on the Electronics Manufactured goods.
  • Framing a legal Cell to protect the legal rights of the members.
  • Forming a Grievance Cell where the grievances of the members are redressed and the legitimate dues of the members are recovered from the respective body.
  • Overall instilling a feeling of fraternity among the fellow members which was hardly present where the electronic manufacturers in the state were scattered in their operation.
  • ELMA team is going to Dhaka, Bangladesh in Aug 2015 with Indian Chamber Of Commerce to participate in Electronics Hardware Exhibition so that ELMA members can consolidate export market in Bangladesh.